Coming Soon: Artist Monograph
SU MA Erotic Paintings
A new monograph from reclusive Chinese artist Su Ma.

26 pages.
12" x 12" folds fully
flat to 12" x 24".

Beautifully printed by ArtisanState on lustre paper with linen cover.
Recently Published: Artist Monograph
A monograph of Seattle artist Alan Fulle's Tower series, with essays by Mike Sweney, Mark Tracy, David Francis, and an interview with Alan and Traver Gallery Founder Bill Traver. Ray C. Freeman III rounds out the volume with a discussion of how Alan's towers are the rightful progeny of his paintings.

Services: image and document collection, concept, design and production, arranged printing through

Copy editing: Lila Hurwitz, Doolittle+Bird
Photography: various

8.25 x 11.75, 68 pages, full color, perfect bound, 2014
Poetry Collection
David Francis: Otherwise This Stone
Otherwise This Stone
David Francis

A collection in three sections from a poet with passions in archaeology, visual media, assemblage, text art, teaching, and curation. The inaugural volume in CoCA's Occasional Monograph Series, published in celebration of National Poetry Month.

Services: design and production, arranged printing through

6 x 9, 70 pages, color cover, perfect bound, 2010
Publication Design
Autonomous Architecture
The Harvard Architecture Review

Vol. 1 of the HAR featured a pink cover that tended to fade to white. When the editors of Vol. 3 chose Peter Eisenman's Venice project for the cover, I delighted that the bright pink of his imaginary project would do the same. At the same time, famous Venice buildings barely showed up at all, being rendered only in lines. I had the cover spot varnished, so that eventually the gold ink would rub off and the existing buildings would reappear and exact their revenge as the pink faded. Edited by Mark Kessler, Andrew Anker, & Scott Clark. Designed by Ray C. Freeman III.

Vol. 3, 8 x 12, 158 pages, full color, perfect bound, 1984
Cartoon Collection
Cartoon of the Word
Cartoon of the Word vol. 1
John Ambrosavage

A collection of John Ambrosavage's daily animated web feature, Cartoon of the Word, in a printed format.

Services: image and document collection, conversion from animation to fixed frame, concept, design and production, arranged printing through plus Kickstarter campaign to fund a limited production run. Submission to Amazon and fulfillment of Amazon sales. Edited by Ray C. Freeman III

9 x 7, 102 pages, full color, perfect bound, 2012
CoCA Exhibition Catalog
WHITEWASHED: Joseph Rossano
WHITEWASHED Joseph Rossano
Essays by David Francis, PhD, Curator; artist Joseph Rossano, with contributions by ten other leading scientists. Fully illustrated catalog with numerous images from the exhibition. As this show travels across the country, this catalog has travels with it,

Services: image and document collection, concept, design and production, arranged printing through

Photography: C.B. Bell
Curator/Editor: David Francis

8.5 x 8.5, 72 pages, full color, perfect bound, 2013
Heaven and Earth 1
Heaven & Earth 1, 2009
Heaven and Earth 2
Heaven & Earth 2, 2010
Heaven and Earth 3
Heaven & Earth 3, 2011
Heaven and Eafth 4
Heaven & Earth 4, 2012
Heaven and Earth 5
Heaven & Earth 5, 2013
CoCA Annual 2009
CoCA Annual 2009
CoCA Annual 2010
CoCA Annual 2010
CoCA Annual 2011
CoCA Annual 2011
CoCA Annual 2012
CoCA Annual 2012
Across the Divide 1
Across the Divide 1
Across the Divide 2
Across the Divide 2
Across the Divide 4
Across the Divide 4
CoCA Members Show 2012
CoCA Members Show 2012
CoCA Members' Show 2013
CoCA Members Show' 2013
Alive Dead
Alive, Dead
East/West Artist Exchange
East/West Artist Exchange
Gideon Kramer: Becoming
Gideon Kramer: Becoming
Limb From Limb
Peppé: Limb From Limb
Resident Alien
Resident Alien
Kate Vrijmoet: Essential Gestures
Kate Vrijmoet
Ceci N'est Pas Une Pipe
Ceci N'est Pas Une Pipe
Overgrowth & Understory
Overgrowth & Understory
CoCA 2009 Collection
CoCA 2009 Collection
2014 Annual: PostGlamism
CoCA Annual 2014
CoCA Members' Show 2014: Who Are You?
CoCA Members' Show 2014
Heaven & Earth 6, 2014
Heaven & Earth 6, 2014
About Us
Octothorpe Press provides Design and Production for Artist Books and Catalogs.

Since 2009, Ray C. Freeman III has provided design and production services for Center on Contemporary Art, producing 27 catalogs, 3 artist monographs, and other print products. During this time, he has worked with hundreds of artists and dozens of photographers, writers, curators, and editors.

Prior experience includes design and production for the Harvard Architecture Review, the Harvard Graduate School of Design, The Boston Architectural Center, and others.

Octothorpe Press was created to provide these services to Northwest Artists.

CoCA members receive a 10% discount on all services except printing.
I work directly with you to create an overall design appropriate to your content, including size, shape, format, book type, orientation, and overall design strategy. This can include selection of fonts, colors, images, and other graphic devices. Production includes page layout, image optimization and sizing, and the creation of files for both print and web distribution.

Services can also include working with your photographer or arranging for photography, and working with your writers/essayists or helping you to find them, including getting their texts copy edited and print ready. I can also arrange for printing through both on-demand and short run services as needed.

Pricing available on request, after a review of your requirements.

Contact for more information. Octothorpe Press is not a publisher.

Long-time collaborator and independent museum curator, David Francis, PhD, is available to assist with content development, curatorial decisions, academic research, and other editorial requirements.


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