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Rock Stage:
Celebrating Octothorpe through the power of rock!

Electronic Stage:
Soundscaping and cutting edge electronica

Acoustic Tent: Songfighters show their sensitive side for the 'Thorpe

Quiet Zone:
Poetry, spoken word and art
Mad Dog's Rock Stage
15-16 Puzzle: Rot to Fill # cover

play Erik opens up with a sweet one
The Half Racks: Zombie Son # cover
play Glenn and the boys bring the rock!
Johnny Cashpoint: On My Block # cover
play With Freudian Slip in the mix
King Arthur: Do The Math # cover
play The King does us proud
No Cash Value: Across the Dusty Plains # cover
play Bolio and Freudian Slip get craaaaazy
Primitive Screwheads: Glass Eye # cover

play Recorded live in Hollywood. Go figure.
The Sweetleaves: Skyline # cover
play Jack, Leaf, and the Quadra Island citizenry

The Big Smokes: Online Guys original
play An original tune in the Octothorpe vein
The Big Smokes: Octothorpe Park original
play Like Palisades Park only nuttier
The Black Suzies: Grandfather Sword # cover
play When these guys show up, it's a treat!

Octothorpe: Across the Dusty Plains video
play Live in Austin at Song Fight Hot and Bothered