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Rock Stage:
Celebrating Octothorpe through the power of rock!

Electronic Stage:
Soundscaping and cutting edge electronica

Acoustic Tent: Songfighters show their sensitive side for the 'Thorpe

Quiet Zone:
Poetry, spoken word and art
photo by Jack Shite
photo by Jack Shite

A poem by Bjam for Octothorpe ....

Guitars and amps and horns they took
When we find ‘em we’ll give ‘em a hell of a look
Gone is the fretless bass, I’ll give them this,
They’ve got really good taste.

When we were told of it,

I believe we had a communal fit,
Might’ve ruined someone’s health insurance,
We needed some emotional assurance,

Many said, “Man, that sucks,”
Many emptied their pockets with offers of bucks,
The idiots left the computer
Too scared to face the Spuddinator.