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Rock Stage:
Celebrating Octothorpe through the power of rock!

Electronic Stage:
Soundscaping and cutting edge electronica

Acoustic Tent: Songfighters show their sensitive side for the 'Thorpe

Quiet Zone:
Poetry, spoken word and art
Electronic Stage
Electroclashpoint: Top Drawer # cover

play Johnny plugs it. Don't try this at home, folks.
Redcar: The Rock's Nightmare original
play An epic tale, with all the drama you would expect
x-tokyo-river-god: Vigilantes original
play The river god gives those thieves a piece of his mind
The Big Smokes: Slipstream original
play The Smokes show us how to have some fun
Heuristics Inc: Metal Klepto # cover
play Hinc gets all metal on this cover of # and glenn case
Starfinger: Do The Math # cover
play Starfinger reprises an old favorite from coverfight