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Rock Stage:
Celebrating Octothorpe through the power of rock!

Electronic Stage:
Soundscaping and cutting edge electronica

Acoustic Tent: Songfighters show their sensitive side for the 'Thorpe

Quiet Zone:
Poetry, spoken word and art
Acoustic Tent
The Big Smokes: The Slender Giant original

play Sung by Andy Balham in the Octothorpe mode
Deshead: On My Block # cover
play An acoustic piano treatment of an octo classic
Henrietta & the Hostages: Blueberry Hassle # cover
play Henrietta jazzes it up and makes it flow
Me$$iah: Piece of my Heart remix
play Me$$iah offers up a new mix of an old favorite of his
Niveous: Eternal Flame cover
play Niv gets the lighters out with this classic Bangles cover